Guided Meditation: THE 5 ELEMENTS OF LIFE

Connect, Harmonize and Balance with the 5 Elements of Life!

“Root to Rise” as you ground yourself with the element of the Earth. Let the element of Water remind you to take life less seriously and learn to “Go with the Flow”. Feeling dull and surrounded by darkness join me and together let’s “Light your Fire” bringing that spark back with the Fire Element. “Take a Breath of Fresh Air” and feel that weight lifting off your chest while we connect to the purity of our Air Element. Expand you consciousness with loving kindness and together let’s “Hold Space for yourself and for others”. Ananda Wellness owner and founder, Lynnette Gouws, guides us through deeply restorative meditations to connect with the transformative energy of “The 5 Elements of Life”.


In this meditation series you’ll receive 5 guided audio recordings:

  • Earth Element – Root to Rise
  • Water Element – Go with the Flow
  • Fire Element – Light your Fire
  • Air Element – A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Ether / Space Element – Holding Space


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More Information

EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR AND SPACE are the 5 Elements of life.

According to many ancient philosophies, the creation of nature, our planet, and the whole universe is based on those five elements. The ebb and flow of these five elements influence our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. When they are in harmony, we experience peace and good health and when they are out of balance we can experience suffering and unhappiness.


Use this 5 part guided mediation series to connect, harmonize and balance all 5 elements you hold within!

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