Guided Meditation: BLISS

Bliss Guided Meditation is a 5 part series that will help you uncover your inherent state of bliss and guide you to encompass Bliss within your everyday life. Meditation stills this chatter and unmasks our blissful, radiant true nature.

In this meditation series you’ll receive 5 guided audio recordings:

  • Journey to Bliss
  • Grounded in Bliss
  • Body in Bliss
  • Embrace Bliss
  • I AM Bliss

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More Information

Bliss Meditation is for you if:

  • You would like to uncover your inner bliss
  • You have anxiety, sleeping trouble and incessant stress
  • You’ve been wanting to take up a regular meditation practice
  • You’ve heard of the many benefits of meditation and are ready to dive in
  • You’ve tried meditation but have not been able to sustain a practice
  • You long to enjoy life more and increase your ability to experience joy
  • You know that there must be more to life and would like to explore
  • You already have a spiritual practice and would like to deepen it


Radiate inner peace and bliss within yourself and to everyone around you!


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