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Focus of the Month

Līlā – Divine Play

Following on our Focus of this month let’s dive into how you can incorporate Līlā into your daly life and practice: Embrace Playfulness – Play

Ananda – Bliss

Ananda is a Sanskrit word that means ‘joy’ or ‘pure bliss’. Joy and bliss are two emotions that are our natural states of being. As

Focus of the Month

Connecting to the 5 Elements of Life

Now that we know how to harmonise and balance the elements on the mat – let’s take a closer look at How to connect to

Focus of the Month

The 5 Elements & Yoga

How Yoga can help you harmonize & balance the elements:   To use yoga to balance and harmonize the elements, start by focusing on one

Focus of the Month

Transitions & Change

What can we learn from yoga about Transitions & Change? The practice of yoga teaches us how to be in the present, and the more

Focus of the Month

Ways to explore Spanda in your Yoga Practice

Spanda (Sanskrit) translates to “vibration” or “pulsation, “movement”, or “motion” – This term is used to describe how Consciousness, at the subtlest level, moves in

Focus of the Month

Tap into your TAPAS & Stoke your inner fire

Tapas is fiery self-discipline that leads to transformation and growth. It’s the fire and passion within us that gives us our drive to keep going.

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