Cultivate TAPAS and let it Light up your life in these 3 ways

Any personal commitment requires positive energy, fiery discipline, and consistent determination to help us be a better version of ourselves, and yes, sometimes it is easier said than done. The use of tapas can help us become stronger, thoughtful, and resilient beings.


Within the practice of yoga, or the union of body, mind, and spirit, there are three types of Tapas we can recognize and understand in order to keep cultivating TAPAS in our lives:


1. Tapas of the Body:

Have control over what you do, whether it is on the mat or off the mat. The discipline of the body relates to everything from turning off your electronic devices an hour before you hit the bed, to making sure you don’t hit snooze when your morning alarm goes off so you can start the day with your yoga practice. Being mindful of the foods and beverages you consume and take those necessary pauses whilst eating to really savour your meals.


2. Tapas of the Speech:

Speak consciously and with integrity. If words could kill, our near and dear ones wouldn’t ever forgive the things we say in our most vulnerable and raw times. It is tapas to speak consciously to ourselves and to those around us with the right perception, awareness and sensitivity.


3. Tapas of the Mind:

Maintain an equanimous state of mind immaterial of the people, situations, or things that happen around us. Cultivate the ability to have a sense of gratitude for simply being taken care of and having all that we need: food, shelter and clothing, and everything in abundance.


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