5 Ways to embody contentment during your yoga practice

Summon Santosha (Contentment)

On and Off the Mat

Our monthly newsletter dove into the meaning of Summon Santosha (contentment). But how can you practice contentment?

By continuously cultivating a mind free from cravings, desires, and goals and instead focusing on finding peace within. When you let go of the superficial identification with body and mind, and when you connect to your inner most nature. Only through this self-realization you will be filled and will remain with Santosha sustainably.

Here is 5 ways to embody contentment during your Yoga practice: 

  1. Avoid comparing yourself with other yogi’s
  2. Be compassionate to yourself
  3. Every day especially on the mat – will be different
  4. Be present on purpose
  5. Enjoy it all – practice gratitude for your body and for your mind

Join me and the rest of the yogi’s to embody contentment not only on the mat, but also off the mat this month, making Summon Santosha part of your lifestyle.

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