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Welcome to Ananda Wellness
Welcome to Ananda Wellness where we Heal, Nourish and Move through the practices of YOGA! Ananda is a Sanskrit word for divine joy, utter bliss and happiness. Ananda is something we would all like to have more of within our lives. Through the practices of Yoga we focus on connecting to ourselves and re-igniting that spark of Ananda!

My name is Lynnette and I am a proudly South African 500RYT qualified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher currently based in Tzaneen, in the Limpopo Province.

I am so happy you have arrived at my website, and I look forward to connecting with you. Yoga has been my “Ananda” for a while already and as my journey continues to unfold so does my love and passion for this beautiful practice. This path is a continuous journey of learning, loving, healing and nourishing. 

Yoga has transformed my entire life, body, mind and spirit and I invite you to join my Yoga family at Ananda Wellness and allow me to transform your life into feeling your own “Ananda” (utter bliss, joy, happiness) every single day!

Enjoy browsing through the website and keep coming back to stay updated with class bookings, events and workshops, and before I forget there are some free audio files for you to enjoy under the "Flow with me" tab.


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Words from our Ananda Wellness Community
Yoga with Lynnette is pure joy. She is a natural teacher that manages to make each class both challenging and fun.
Her gentle demeanor sets the tone for a supportive space that is about so much more than stretching the body; it's a reminder of what it means to live a life of balance and kindness from the inside out.
I still look forward to every class, and feel so blessed to have found a yoga teacher with such passion and technical skill.

Genie Stoltz
Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa
Lynnette personifies yoga. She is strong with gentleness. She guides, but allows enough space to be true to you. Her classes are balanced, offering an opportunity to connect inwardly and to use your body practicing the beloved asanas. She demonstrates with ease and kindness. I look forward to my weekly classes and the stillness and peace they bring. Lynnette was born to lead yoga practice. I am so grateful to be able to attend her classes.
Lauren Strever
Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa
Every class with Lynnette is a true Yoga experience!! I can't wait to get to my class every week. Lynnette is professional in her classes and dealings with her students and her passion for yoga shines through in each class, thus it being perfect. She is compassionate and inspiring. I am so glad we have her as a qualified yoga teacher in Tzaneen.
Pikkie Baker
Tzaneen,Limpopo, South Africa
I never understood the meaning of wellness when it came to exercise, until my first yoga class with Lynnette. When I think of a workout session, I think high intensity, loud music and a cry from my heart as my body nears depletion. For the first time I had an excellent workout, without even breaking a sweat. I never realized this was possible. I could feel my muscles aching the next day and I'm usually on my bicycle for 60km before calling it a workout. Ananda Wellness has had such a positive effect on my life. I feel relaxed and energized with a clear mind, even my Garmin smart watch confirms my stress levels have decreased. The one hour yoga sessions with Ananda Wellness is a welcoming place where you go to set free your mind and let negative energy flow away. Now I know what wellness means when it comes to exercise.
Kobus van den Heever
Tzaneen,Limpopo, South Africa